Reading Landscape 2

I’ve been working, slowly, at using my Kindle more frequently.  I received a ton of amazon gift money for the holidays, so I’m making an effort to purchase a variety of well-established books for comprehension experiments.

Is there an ebook alternative for the Kindle?  I read four bullet points or something on Salon the other day that indicated Amazon is worthy of a sound boycott.

A student asked me today how to cite an ebook in-text.  I had no idea, and I’m finding the percentage (not page) number at the bottom of my Kindle to be particularly frustrating.  A cursory search proved fruitless, though I’m sure the information is out there somewhere.

Citation woes aside, I found this article to be especially entertaining.  The fact that Johnathan Franzen hates ebooks is not why I’m entertained.  Right now, I kind of hate ebooks too, but I’ve come to terms with the possibility that the hardware in our hands is faulty, not the concept or impermanence of ebooks.

good for hostess cupcake trades in the Weinert cafeteria

I have that feeling, too, of impermanence.  I have that feeling that nothing is precious, that everything I might desire is one click away, and probably disappointing.  My entire childhood is available on ebay.  My bank account has no real money in it, and final drafts of just about every story I’ve written in the past five years would be destroyed if the internet got closed down by a dictator from Arizona.  I don’t think that feeling has much to do with books, though.

Also, he’s wrong about the permanence of paper books.  Just about every time Tim O’Brien puts out a new edition of The Things They Carried, he revises.  Every time he reads, he revises as he goes.  He’s never done because no one is going to argue with him about what he needs to do to make his book better.

Kindle Books I’ve successfully completed:

Food and Loathing, Betsy Lerner

A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness

Books I have downloaded and left unread:

Checker and The Derailleurs, Lionel Shriver  (a few pages in, I missed Kevin too much)

All Things Shining, Hubert Dreyfus  (see previous Reading Landscape post about my slow and disappointing brain)

Why Be Normal When You Can Be Happy?  Jeannette Winterson (from netgalley, so free.  I just haven’t gotten to it yet)

The Awakening, Kate Chopin  (I had to teach this, and it was free on Amazon.  In the end, I had to go searching for a paper copy so I could write in it)

In all, I’m consuming books much differently than in past years.  I use audible, and listen to at least one book a month while I run and garden and move heavy objects around my yard.  I  shop for ebooks online, read reviews online, and maintain goodreads shelves so that I always have a to-read list at my disposal.  I return every few nights to the Kindle.  My in-store purchases are not what they used to be, though I’m still browsing the stacks at Half Price and B&N regularly.

Why are remakes now being called reboots?


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