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All month, I’ve been enjoying Erin Pringle-Toungate’s short story celebration over at her blog.  She’s linked up to one great story every day for the entire month, and I’ve discovered some terrific stories there.  If you happened to come to this blog today for its intended purpose (to find good stories out there on the web), make your way over to Erin’s site and go back through the past month of entries.  You won’t be sorry.

scary children sell books

Instead of perusing the web in search of the perfect story, I’ve just been reading her selection.  I’ve also been doing a lot of re-reading in preparation for next year’s syllabi, and I’m slowly making my way through Justin Cronin’s The Passage. It’s the first book I wish I’d bought for my Kindle instead, simply because it weighs 45 lbs and the little girl on the dust jacket creeps my shit.

I haven’t read anything else by Justin Cronin, and while I am propelled along, grateful for not having to think too much at this hectic time of the year, I’m also comforted by his pretty sentences and gentle characters.  I also had very low expectations (not because of his reputation – just because of the subject matter), and have been pleasantly surprised by the tautness of the story.

Next on the list:  Of Beasts and Beings by Ian Holding.  I feel fortunate that every time I walk into Book People, I am able to find something compelling on the staff rec shelves.  I almost always walk away with something I’ve never before even considered.

In other news, one of my favorite new discoveries has a publication on the horizon:  Gilliann Flynn’s Gone Girl is hitting the shelves in a week or so.  I hope this one gets all the recognition it deserves.  I also hope it lives up to its predecessor, Dark Places.

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