All My Friends Were Once Strangers

For those of you folks who have clicked over here from BW, I just want to say thanks and great! and welcome.  I’ve been a big fan of BW for a while now, and I was fortunate enough to be accepted as a guest spot blogger over there.  Maybe you’ll never come back, but if you do, feel free to drop me a line about what you’re reading these days.

I’m a writer and a reader and a teacher, and I’m interested in stories and how they shape our lives as queers.  I’d love to hear your comments and feedback – I’m always up for a conversation about stuff others are writing or experiencing or actively avoiding.


2 thoughts on “All My Friends Were Once Strangers

    1. Jack Kaulfus says:

      Hey there – thanks! And right back at you – I like what you’re doing.

      There’s another guest post coming up soon, within the next month. I hope you like that one, too.

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