A trick of the weather; a day like another

I’m happy the holidays are over.  I’m usually happy when they arrive, but I’m always more than ready for things to get back to normal.  I like my job, and I like my routine, and even though I love presents and I adore my family, I kind of wish that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year happened every third year.

It’s been a good fall for me, though.  My new story “Field Trip” is up at Devilfish Review.  There are other stories I like in this issue, as well, namely In A Bubble, a weirdly disturbing 1001 Nights trip.

I had a fabulous time reading submissions for the second issue of Interfictions Online in August and September.  So many of the stories were interesting, and a few were truly great.  It was the best kind of work.

I’m making good headway on a novel, thanks to this interesting and fruitful 9-month workshop lead by Manuel Gonzales.  It’s the friendliest, funniest, most productive workshop – worth every minute.

Haul of the season (gifts, purchases, and books kindly lent):

A couple of these books I procured at Malvern Books, a new small-press book shop in Austin.  I had no idea what kind of shop it was, and I fought bewilderment as I browsed the books on my first visit – I didn’t recognize many of the books, and the ones I did recognize I already had.  It took a few minutes to realize that the shelves were filled with books that chains (and even Book People, the big Indie here in town) would never touch.  It’s a miracle store.  I’ve been back a few times, and each time I leave with something I probably shouldn’t have spent the grocery money on.  Please – the two of you who read this sometimes-blog -say a little prayer for this book store’s business.

malvern books

They have a neat blog going, too, full of interesting reviews and information – like this post about publishing that features prominently a cover of Mary Jo Buttafuoco’s memoir about pyschopaths and the people who love them.

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