Ohio, but even more so

I’m pleased to announce that A cappella Zoo has once again been so lovely to me.  They’ve reprinted “The End of the Objects” in their Queer and Familiar Collection, so maybe it’ll get a few more readers.  The web version goes live in November, if you don’t mind waiting.

I also have a story on its way at Literati Quarterly.  It’s one of those stories that’s been out a million times and come back a million times.  I started sending it out when you had to use envelopes and SASEs – that’s how many times it’s been rejected. Thanks to an excellent editor, Erin Pringle, I was able to whip it into a different shape and send it back out into the world.  Now it has a home, and I’ll post a link once it’s up.

IMG_1441This past summer, I took a huge painting job that afforded me the opportunity to spend a week just outside Millersburg, Ohio. I wrote, read Kevin Brockmeier, and listened to Amelia Curran for six straight days.  It was a dream come true. I had no idea that Ohio was so beautiful, but I did graduate from a series of Texas public schools and never once took a Geography class. I lived in a little farmhouse that I’m pretty sure was haunted by the ghosts of small farm girls whose deepest desires included showing me their faceless dolls.This picture is downstairs in the quaint little farm house. It was peaceful despite the ghosts, and I cranked out a few more chapters of the first draft of Blood Makes Noise.

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